EJmix Aromatherapy Blend (50ml)

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  • ORIGINAL BEST SELLING FORMULA - EJmix is the revolutionary carrier that utilizes a blend of medical glycols to create the ultimate base for essential oils. Guaranteed to always remain a liquid, even when used with thick oils or solid waxes, making it the perfect choice for mixing with Essentials Oil and Aromatherapy for ROLL-ON, OIL DIFFUSERS, TINCTURES, NASAL INHALERS, SPRAY or ROLLER BOTTLES.

  • SEE WHAT THE ALL THE BUZZ IS ABOUT - Sold in hundreds of retail outlets nationwide and a favorite topic of discussion on Reddit and dozens of other forums, purchase a product enjoyed by thousands with a reputation for quality that consists of 100% USP INGREDIENTS SOURCED, BOTTLED AND PROUDLY MANUFACTURED IN USA

  • NO MYSTERY INGREDIENTS - With EJmix there is no mystery about what you get. Our formula is a blend of USP PG, PEG200, PEG300 and PEG400, mixed to the perfect molecular weight. These are glycols with an extensive and documented history of medical use as carriers and ingredients in medicines and drugs administered orally, in eye drops, in topical salves for burn victims, and intravenously - remarkable properties that no coconut or natural oil carrier can claim.

  • THE BEST CHOICE OF CARRIER - EJmix is both anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, has high heat tolerance, and evaporates completely and cleanly, properties that make it perfect for a variety of uses. As an odorless glycol blend EJmix allows you to experience the pure aroma of your essential oils alone, and it will never spoil and never oxidize, providing a shelf-life that is multiples of any natural oil carrier.

  • Size : 50ml

EJmix is a revolutionary aromatherapy carrier, composed entirely of medical grade glycols. Create stable suspensions of floral extracts from solid floral wax, hard resins or thick CO2 extracts: in all cases EJmix will reliably lower viscosity & create a smooth & stable aromatherapy liquid. Use blends as perfumes and topicals, or diluted mixes in oil diffusers and personal inhalers. Naturally antibacterial and antifungal, EJmix will never go bad and will preserve your essential oil blends, while imparting no aroma of its own. Enjoy!