Going In Style UK 1600 Watt Hair Dryer w/ Hair Brush and Adapter Travel Beauty Set

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  • Whats In The Box: 1600 Watt Hair Dryer, Hair Brush, UK Adapter, Bag, Travelers Checklist, and Adapter Country Guide

  • 1600 Watt powerful yet, quiet blow dryer has a 2 heat / speed settings

  • Dual voltage for worldwide use

  • Non-grounded UK adapter plug allows you to plug in your US appliances into Great Britain wall outlets

  • Hairbrush has retractable bristtles **Brush ships in multiple colors

  • Color : White

Going In Style Travel Dual Voltage Hairdryer with Hairbrush, Adapter and Bag United Kingdom Travel Set is the perfect beauty travel set for traveling overseas to the UK Hair dryer is compact with fold able handle. Hairdryer will easily pack up in your suitcase, carry-on or even your purse. Blowdryer has a quiet motor and fan. Dual voltage settings mean you can use your hairdyer in any country world wide with the correct adapter plug.

Nongrounded UK adapter plug allows you to plug in your blowdryer into United Kingdom, Britain, Northern Ireland wall outlets. Ungrounded adapter can also be used to charge your cell phone or tablet when traveling International to the UK.

Unearthed United Kingdom adapter plug works in many countries including Channel Islands, Cyprus, England, Gibraltar, Scotland, Great Britain, Botswana, Gambia, Wales, and many more.

Travel hairbrush is also included in this beauty set. Hair brush is lightweight, compact and easy to pack. Brush dimensions 6.25 x 1.5 x 0.5 - retractable bristles means your hairbrush bristles wont get damaged while traveling. Simply slide the button on the handle to retract brush bristles.

Other accessories included in this travel set is a bag for storing your hairdryer, brush and adapter plug. Travelers packing checklist is a comprehensive list of things to pack on your trip. Also included is an adapter country guide that shows you which adapters work in which countries.

About Dual Voltage Appliances| When traveling with appliances it is important to know whether your appliance is dual voltage. If it is not dual voltage you will need either a converter or a transformer when traveling. Typically cell phones, cameras, tablets and laptops are dual voltage and do not need a converter.